Frequently Asked Questions

In the long history of being a home improvement retailer on a global scale, Lowe’s began as a small store in North Carolina. Then, as now, we are committed to helping homeowners, renters and professionals improve their homes and businesses.


With the MyLowe account, you can track your online and in-store purchases; Receive free shipping on orders totaling $45 or more, before taxes, fees, or shipping charges are added; Return items without receipt and access registered products online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lowe’s Advantage credit card have an annual fee?

In which. There is no annual fee for the Lowe’s credit card.

How do I apply for a Lowe’s Advantage credit card?

You can order the card in store or online at

What are the benefits of the Lowe’s Advantage credit card?

Benefits include a 5% cash discount and special financing options.

Can you use Lowe’s Advantage credit card for financing?

Yes, you can use the card for 6 months of financing on purchases of $299 or more and 84 months of financing on purchases of $2,000 or more.

Can I use my Lowe’s Gift Card to withdraw the balance from my Lowe’s Credit Card?

The Lowe Gift Card cannot be used to make payments to a funded account. This is especially true for many of Lowe’s competitors, but you’d better check if this payment method is available.

Can you use Lowe’s card the same day?

Yes, you can use your Lowe’s Card to make online or in-store purchases once approved. “New cardholders are usually entitled to a discount on their first purchase, whether or not they are approved the same day they apply.”

Where can the Lowes Card be used?

Lowe’s credit card is a typical business credit card; You cannot use this card to pay at another retail store or use it as a regular credit card. It is only valid for purchases at Lowe’s physical stores, or you can also use this card for online payments and purchases.