Types Of Cards

There is also a Lowe’s Advantage card that can be used at Lowe’s stores. That means it might be easier to qualify for a regular credit card, but you’re limited to spending in-store or online with Lowe’s. If you’re looking for rewards for everyday non-commercial purchases, look for a standard card on a widely accepted network such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.


Varieties Of Cards

Lowe’s Credit Card is best suited for small and medium businesses that need flexible payment options. If you wish to spread payments over several months at an interest rate between 15% and 21%, you can pay the balance in full each month or spread the payments out over several months. You get features like multiple cards for your account, detailed invoices and statements, and the ability to manage payments online. You also get a discount on deliveries.

The Lowe Accounts Receivable Card is the best choice for medium to large businesses that have multiple buyers and need record keeping and purchase tracking capabilities. Cardholders can make purchases over the phone or online and take advantage of discounted delivery options.

Lowe’s expects you to pay the remaining balance in full each month. You can have multiple users in your account and set limits and track each user. Lowe’s offers six downloadable shopping dates. You can customize bank statements, easily track expenses, and use online tools to manage your account.


The American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards Card is for businesses that want rewards and benefits for shopping at Lowe’s, but also want to earn rewards for purchases outside of Lowe’s. Get 5% back on all Lowe purchases and earn reward points on other purchases.

When using the American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards card outside of Lowe’s, the standard reward rate is one point per dollar spent. Get double rewards for shopping at Lowe’s and triple rewards for spending at restaurants, office supply stores and wireless services. The American Express card has the same multi-card options and billing and account management features as Lowe’s two proprietary business cards.