Scores And Limits

It is important to note that Lowe’s (LOW) offers financing options to help its customers with home renovation and home improvement projects. This is done using a credit card called Lowe’s Advantage Card.


The card works like many other credit cards. The Advantage card has a revolving line of credit, which means you can use the card up to the approved limit as long as you make regular payments every month.

Check Out The Limit And Scores Of Card

The Lowe’s Credit card generally requires good to excellent credit, which means you have the best chance of getting this card with a score of 670 or higher. Lowe’s Consumer Card APR is 26.99% (fixed). Immediate approval may be possible if you have excellent credit. As the minimum purchase for financing is $2,000, this card has a higher credit limit than most store credit cards, and the total limit depends on your credit history.

The American Express Lowe’s Business Rewards card has a variable interest rate ranging from 17.24% to 26.24%, depending on your credit score. The FICO score must be at least 670, which generally equates to good to excellent credit.

The Lowe’s Accounts Receivable card does not earn interest because you must pay the balance in full each month. When you use your Lowe’s business credit card to carry a monthly balance, which is an option, you’ll get an APR of 21%.

Both of Lowe’s business cards generally require at least a fair credit score of 580 or higher. The purchase of items that cost $299 or more may require special financing which may mean that purchases may take longer than a month to pay off. However, you must ensure that you make minimum payments each month and pay the balance in full after six months. Please note that minimum payments may not pay the full balance, so you may have to pay more than the minimum.